Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've never completely grasped the idea of cancer until yesterday morning. I was sitting in the doctors office, impatiently waiting in a cold & quiet room, just hoping that my thoughts had led me a-stray. I had been in the lobby with my husband for a painful 20 minutes. Both of us were in silence, because we already both knew separately what it was, but we didn't dare to talk about it or tell one another. When the doctor walked in to give me the results, and asked me to bring my husband back, I knew exactly in that moment what was going on. I was then diagnosed with cancer. God, how do I come up with the strength to handle this? I alone can't be strong enough, so could he have a better plan that I am not aware of? Absolutely. I'm scared out of my mind, but at peace in the same moment. God has plans for me, and no matter what they may be, his plans are beautiful, perfect, and will glorify HIM.. and I'm so blessed that I've been chosen rather than someone else to carry this-- Not burden, but load, hoping I will reach others someday with my story of how God stayed with me in every moment. Please pray for this disease, and that God will give me the strength to over-come it.. but more importantly, PLEASE pray for my husband. My heart cries for him; It cries for his hurt FAR more than my own.

With Love,
     Brittany Mae <3

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  1. Hi Britt Bree here, I am here for you girl whatever you need.....
    “Search for the seed of good in every adversity. Master that principle and you will own a precious shield that will guard you well through all the darkest valleys you must traverse. Stars may be seen from the bottom of a deep well, when they cannot be discerned from the mountaintop. So will you learn things in adversity that you would never have discovered without trouble. There is always a seed of good. Find it and prosper.” .... Og Mandino quote