Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 6

To say the least, I did not find out the results 20 minutes after my last post, like planned. Yesterday wasn't so terrible. I've been so blessed this week with such wonderful family. My family has been over every single day, and my three life long best friends came to see me. Angela & Joey visited on thursday, and they brought me bubbles, twix, and cookie dough. Is there anything better than God, great friends, family, and bubbles/twix/cookie dough? Ah, my heart is so happy. Last night I called my other life long best friend Chloe Anna, and though I had been putting off the news, I just told her everything. She lives in Tampa, and drove down the next morning to see me. We spent the entire day just hanging out, eating Mimi's cafe, talking about her sweet mama, enjoying Jeremiah's Ice deliciousness, and played a game I found that I was TERRIBLE at, with her beautiful family. I got the call from Dr.Reynolds today around 12. He told me they were positive that It was Hodgkin's Lymphoma disease, and that the cancer was a stage 2A. We had hoped for stage 1, but thank you Jesus that It was not worse. This upcoming week will be over-loaded with appointments, because the cancer specialist told me that I will without a doubt need bone-marrow, and a PET scan. Other than that, the Chemotherapy would be the next step. They will be sticking a port under my skin, so they don't have to re-enter every single time i go in for treatments. We will find out other details this upcoming week when I go back to see the specialist, but I will hopefully only be going in for chemotherapy twice a month(that's what the doctor hoped for at least). The type of cancer I have has an 85% cure rate, meaning it has high chances of never coming back, and I am praying & hoping for miracles in my life! This is going to be one rough journey, but God has allowed it all to happen for a reason. I hope to glorify him throughout it all. I will continue to update my blog as the process goes on, but for now I'm going to enjoy the beautiful weekend God has blessed me with. Tomorrow my husband and I will be enjoying Gods WONDERFUL creation at the beach, and then on monday we will be at Disney, the happiest place on earth. I'm not scared, but terribly nervous for all that is about to come. Please keep Jake and I in your prayers, and also all of my family & close friends who will be there for me, watching, and being put through the process with me. God is in control, and that means there is so much hope and possibilities! Thank you for taking the time to be apart of my life in reading this, praying for us, and just being there in general. I am blessed, and love you all so much.

With Love,
    Brittany Mae <3


  1. Brittany,

    This is Jessica Lee, and obviously I will be praying every single day for you and your husband. I've been through a situation somewhat similar to this (with all the hospitals and such) with my mom. And you know what? She turned out just fine, and I know %100 that you will too! I love you and I miss you!

    - Jessica

  2. We love you so much and are absolutely blessed to have you and Jake in our lives. Praying for complete healing and for peace throughout this journey.

  3. Praying for complete healing which God is ABSOLUTELY capable of.

    You're in God's hands-- which is so comforting because we know that He loves you even more than anyone else does.

    I'll be praying for you and Jake and checking your blog daily.

    Love you both.
    -Tyler B.

  4. You'll hear of so many people who have gone through this, my niece included, who are now doing well! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. You and Jake are dearly loved. Now you have an army of prayer surrounding and supporting you! We will be storming the gates of heaven on your behalf!

    Much love to both of you.