Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 3

2nd IV
On Friday I had to get a scan of my neck to figure out how to get rid of the lump I've had for over 2 months now, and then I got called in for results on monday. Like I previously posted, this was when I was diagnosed with cancer. They poked me a few times and took 3-4 tubes of blood(to be honest I wasn't looking), and then my husband and I went home. On tuesday morning I was sent for a scan of my chest, and then after lunch I went straight to see a specialist at the Altamonte Cancer Center. He already had the results from that morning in hand, thanks to Aunt Patty making calls, and setting everything up for us. He was kind and very helpful, and happens to be the specialist who saw the strongest woman I've ever known, Lynn Crebs. She passed away due to breast cancer, and I was filled with happiness when I heard I was seeing the same specialist as beautiful Lynn did. The conversation went in circles, and It ended with him sending me right across the street immediately to meet with a surgeon. The surgeon suggested getting me in immediately, and I was set up for an appointment for the following day. Today is the day of my biopsy on my neck, and "busy" can't describe the past 2 days I've had. Leading up to my operation, they will put me under, and I supposedly won't remember a thing.. Hopefully I'm not out too long. I'm nervous as can be, but I know It's all in Gods hands, and that Is more than enough comfort for me. I will be blogging again today If we get the results we were promised.

  With Love,
       Brittany Mae <3

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