Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 11

4th IV
After talking to at least 5 different offices and doctors assistants, I finally have a few appointments made. Yesterday I had a Chemotherapy prepping class, which was from 9am-12pm. Since my husband was at work, my mom went with me, and so diligently took notes for later. :) Everyone in the class was at least twice my age, except one girl who was probably only 10 years older that me. They informed me of what the chemotherapy would be like, how life would become as a cancer & Chemo patient, the amount of appointments per week, the chemotherapy's I'll be personally treated with(each person in the class was different), and just what to all around expect. It was somewhat overwhelming, but VERY informative. I got a pink cancer bag, with a book of info on everything talked about in the class, and how to do my best to stay healthy throughout the entire process. After the class I went to target to get a bunch of anti-bacterial and medical things for during my treatment, and then shortly after was dropped at work by my mom. Work didn't go so well, between worrying about my appointments, and being extremely exhausted from the sickness, I was just ready to go home. I won't be working for another 6 months now, and It's going to be really difficult just sitting at home by myself every day. Hopefully I'll be able to find some company a couple of times a week. This morning at 7am I had my breathing tests, which lasted about 40 minutes. They took me through a series of breathing cycles, and put me in this box for 60 seconds for one of the tests. It was really exhausting, but i was so happy to hear that there wouldn't be ANY needles for that exam! :) Directly after the breathing tests, I went straight back to a different part of the hospital for my heart scan. They drew blood, and then left the needle in for 30 minutes while they looked at my blood work. After a boring 30 minutes of Jake and I staring at our phones, each other, and the walls, they took me back to take out the needle, and finally did my heart scan. We were home by 10:00, and now I'm just awaiting the next appointment. Tomorrow morning they will be taking bone marrow out of my hip. My appointment is for 11:30AM, so hopefully i'll be out after a short hour or two. On tuesday I have an appointment for 6AM right next to the hospital, where I'll have surgery to have my port for chemotherapy put in. I'm dreading this quite a bit, but I know I'll be just fine. I'll also be starting Chemotherapy next week-- It should be scheduled by tomorrow or monday. The blogging will definitely continue over the next 6+months, so please continue to pray for us and the obstacles we will be faced with. I'm praying for this to glorify God in every way!! Love you guys always.

With Love,
    Brittany Mae <3

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  1. Brittany,
    I was so upset when I heard what was going on, but I'm so impressed with your positive outlook on the whole situation and your desire to glorify God through this. I'm definitely praying for you! Thanks for updating this blog so we can know what's going on!

    Rachel <3