Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 5

I've been putting off blogging, because I've been hoping that after my biopsy it would come back as some odd reaction, and be 0% cancer.. Therefore I would just delete this blog and explain in a brief note. Well, here I am typing to a large box with quite a few words to say, but not having any idea of how to say them. I believe I left off on tuesday night.. On wednesday morning I went for the biopsy on my neck as planned, and expected It to be something easy, and really just a piece of cake. I was absolutely wrong. Our appt. was for 11am, and I finally got in around 12:30. They put an IV in me(This is starting to be a routine thing I'm noticing), and then finally knocked me out with anesthesia shortly after. I recall waving like a weirdo to this nice Jamaican man in the surgery room before the operation, and rambling about cancer, but after that I was out like a light. I woke up an hour or so later with stitches(steri-strips) on my neck, and the lump I'd been sporting for 2 months now was finally gone. A short 30 minutes later the surgeon called Jake, and told him he was almost positive It was Hodgkin's Lymphoma-- Cancer. We had been told this many times at each appointment, but STILL have not gotten the call with the 100% results. When I was being wheeled out by the nurse, I threw up right before getting in my car, and then continued to throw up another painful 10-12 times every single time I moved until about midnight or so. Once we get that call, I'll be posting this online, and will finally tell everyone what is going on. Only family knows about all of this right now. Please be praying that the cancer will be gone in a flash, and I can live my life like it never touched my body. I will blog again the moment I find out the results, which will hopefully be in 20 minutes.

With Love,
     Brittany Mae <3

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